Friday, December 11

Band:Neon Navajo

The mystic hardcore band, Neon Navajo has had its history, but its current line-up (Rhett [drums], Miller [keys], Earl [bass]) happened when veteran member, Rhett, asked Earl to join the band at a Dragonforce concert, which of course he did.

Since then, Neon Navajo has been playing the LA scene regularly, gaining a core of fans and recently scoring a four song self-titled ep on Modern Sleeze, released on a limited run tape.

From N//N:
Save Us

I was lucky enough to get to see Neon Navajo tear the stage up at the Modern Sleeze tape release show Nov 21st. Mystic, dynamic and tenacious: Neon Navajo is a band that y'all should keep on the lookout for.