Tuesday, March 16

Songs: Batwings Catwings

Batwings Catwings has just uploaded two new songs onto their Myspace page. Check em out, they're pretty damn epic.

Upcoming Shows:
Mar 21@ The Continental Room w/ Stab City
May 29@ The Smell w/ BITCHES (London), Captain Ahab, Back to the Furture Ride     Los Angeles

Thursday, March 11

SHOW: Melted Cassettes and more

I know that it has been forever since I last posted anything on my blog, almost a month, but I have been really busy with school, protesting and advocacy; but fear not, I am still here and I will still bring you the best that LA has to offer. The music here is better than ever and the talent is always spawning.

Heading Back to the Scene of the Crime.
because California hasn't seen Melted Cassettes lately.

Melted Cassettes will be touring CA soon so make sure sure to catch these guys out.

Tuesday, February 16

Band: Orca Team

While finishing up school in 2007,  Leif Anders started making surf demos songs under the name ORCA TEAM. He made those demos with the intention of making the project real but that plan didn't crystallize until December 2008. During that time Leif and Jessica B. began making music together. At first Jessica was playing bass and Leif was on guitar but they felt that it "sounded too much like a wankie garage band." So to change this Leif and Jessica traded instruments so the melody focus would be on the bass and the guitar would be minimally present. They liked how its sounded and they realized they should utilize Leif's early demos and begin Orca Team. 

Orca Team is about making wonderful pop songs that are contagious and easy to move to. Orca Team is also about women playing instruments traditionally associated with men and showing how easy and fun those instruments can be.

A little more band history:
Ami Taylor grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan and later relocated to Marquette, making it out to Portland in 2003. She is actually the third in a line of women to drum with us, starting in October 2009, (and she likes it very much).
Jessica B. grew up in Tacoma, WA and then relocated to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington.
Leif Anders grew up in Kirkland, WA until the age of 12 and then moved to Edmonds, WA.

They will soon be recording their first album this February and we hoping to release it in April. It will consist of ten songs; seven of  which are totally new. The album be called KISSING COUSINS but that might change in the future. More info to come

In April, or whenever the album is officially released, will be able to be bought at this website: sohitek.blogspot.com. Until then, we have only stuff available locally. But keep checking because they might have some music available online before then.

Friday, February 12

Video: Monsters of Folk

Well, apparently Mosnters of Folk had a music video contest for their song "Dear God" promoted by Death and Taxes Magazine, You Tube and Apple QT. The winning video was created by two fans, Kathleen Bryson and Nele Hecht, and chosen out of 120 submissions by the band.

Monsters of Folk - "Dear God" - Grand Prize Contest Winning Video

Thursday, February 11

Band: Stab City

Bobby Vega [drums] and Dan Cantolinotto [vox, bass] started the band in 2006 by just playing bass and drum riffs over and over in Bobby's Dad's garage. They had played as a rhythm section in a couple bands before that which had dissolved for various reasons and started Stab City just as a way to root out really strange riffs and drum patterns that didn't fit with other bands. According to Dan, they started to develop an evil, punk bluesy sound and ran with it.

The current incarnation of the band, with Kyle Souza [who also plays in Narwhal Party] on guitar, has been around just a couple of months. With Kyle's guitar playing he adds a new layer of oddball heaviness that has us really excited about where we can take the next songs we write.

Forever trying to feed the monster that is Stab CIty, band mates keep creating with newer, weirder songs using a very different approach to writing music. "We work democratically to put music together that has us excited, and then I try to write lyrics that come from a central image the music makes in my mind" Dan says. "For instance, we're working on a new song, "Coliseum." The picture I have in my head is of a Roman emperor sitting in hix box in the stadium, watching slaves fight in the center ring, while gorging on huge piles of food in order to make himself so fat that he gets as big as the planet. That's strange, I know, but what can you do."With high-energy performances and songs that are like monsters of sound Stab City is an amazing and creative band that should be on your radar

Their last EP, "Simpler Times," was a split with Chotto Ghetto on Quote Unquote Records. It can be downloaded for a donation (or free) at: http://www.quoteunquoterecords.com/

Cloak and Dagger 

Upcoming Shows:
Feb 20 @Narducci’s 4 Eyes Party w/ Tanked, Callow Youth, Temper High
Feb 23 @Alex’s Bar w/ The Icarus Line, Werewolf, Broken Mirrors
Mar 2 @Redwood w/ Powersolo (Jon Spencer’s backing band from Denmark!)
Mar 4 @Joey’s BBQ w/ Not The Government
Mar 13 @Garage Board Shop Fest w/ Bastidas, Cigarette Bums, D-Strutters, 1921A
Mar 14 @Que Sera-DJ Oldboy’s Steak & Eggs w/ Inazuma
Mar 31 @McWorld w/ Free Moral Agents (Members of Mars Volta), Duhkha
Apr 29 @he Cocaine w/ Chum Out

Thursday, February 4

Video: Polite Society or Murder live @ Hush Hush House

If you missed Polite Society or Murder's first live show here is a small taste.

Polite Society Or Murder "The Eulogy and Losing Someone" LIVE @Hush Hush House.

[recorded by Champoy Hate (Onlyfortheopenminded.com and LA RECORD)]

Wednesday, February 3

Band: IE

Since 2007, IE has been making fans dance and riot with jams that are totally in your face, with nut grabbing bass, and lyrics you totally connect with, well, if you like to party hard that is.

After the break up of her former band Prayer Partner, Margot started IE because she still had the passion for music and wanted to do a solo project based on being from and repping the Inland Empire. "I was going to shows and meeting bands from Riverside or San Bernardino (the IE) and they would tell everyone they were from LA but LA is like and hour away and its not a desert valley and its totally different! IE has a bad rep supposedly we're poor tweekers that are really bigoted and close minded. For the majority this might be true but i think in order to sway away from that rep someone needs to go out there and rep that we are some of the best musicians in the underground and even above ground music scene." says Margot, who has composing electronic music since i was 16 and recording since 2007. IE is certainly among the creative and innovative musicians to come from the Inland Empire. One of my favorite artists, IE can make any show a party with the crowd singing and dancing all around her.

IE has a self released album that came out July 2009 titled It's All Moochie to Me on LightScribe Cd-r  that Margot  designed available and her friend Brizah, from Narf records, printed. IE also just came out with some new merch buttons and shirts. You can listem to IE's music on her Myspace, buy merch, and also contact her.